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dBr Steel

Main features:

1) Easy and quick installation

2) Avoid cuts on the sides on the guitar

3) Does not change the acoustic sound

4) No batteries required for use

5) Provides a more natural sound

More information:

The dBr Steel model is designed to extract the most pure and faithful sound from your instrument. Designed in a way that does not impact the acoustic sonority of the instrument. Thus, it is a perfect option for a high value instruments.

The dBr Steel provides a more natural pickup because its installation is not made in direct contact with the strings, as usually the common pickups are installed. The dBr Steel pickup, in direct contact with the instrument's top (wood), eliminates the excess of unwanted high frequencies, capturing a more natural sound like if you were using a microphone.


This model has 3 passive high fidelity sensors individually selected and tested by dBr engineers, which provide high volume gain without the need of pre-amplification. The dBr Steel's minimalist and lightweight design makes it the best choice for anyone who wants a pickup system of excellent quality which does not change the original acoustic tone of their instrument.


Passive sensors eliminate the need to use batteries for their operation, thus reducing the amount of wires inside the instrument and avoiding the use of lateral cuts that influence aesthetically and acoustically the instrument, being potential sources of noise.


With dBr Steel pickup, the common feedback problems are greatly minimized. Making easier the process of setting up the sound in places susceptible to these problems.

R$697 (approx. U$130 + shipping tax)

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