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dBr Classical

Main features:

1) Easy and quick installation

2) Avoid cuts on the sides on the guitar


3) Less amount of wires and elements inside the instrument


4) Does not change the acoustic sound

5) No batteries required for use


6) Provides a more natural sound


7) Works for classical guitars and 7 strings guitars


More information:


The dBr Classical model was developed to extract a purer and more faithful sound from nylon string guitars. Designed in a way that does not impact the acoustic sonority of the instrument. It's a perfect choice for high-value instruments or even for those who cherish a more natural sound.


This model has 4 passive high fidelity sensors individually selected and tested by the dBr engineers, which are installed in direct contact with the top of the guitar. The minimalist and lightweight design of the dBr Classical makes it the best choice for anyone who wants a premium quality pickup system that does not change the original acoustic tone of their instrument.


One of the differentials of dBr Classical pickup compared to similar pickups from other manufacturers is that each sensor has a unique specification to better capture the frequencies of the position in which it is installed. Each sensor is identified by a color code (gold, red, blue, silver) which refers to its frequency range and installation position. In this way each sensor can work at its maximum performance.


Passive sensors eliminate the need to use batteries for their operation, thus reducing the amount of wires inside the instrument and avoiding the use of lateral cuts that influence aesthetically and acoustically the the performance of the instrument, being potential sources of noise.

For passive pickup patterns dBr Classical provides a relatively larger volume than other market pickups, dispensing in most cases the need for the use of external preamplifiers to increase signal level. However, in cases where the amplified speaker or mixer does not have good gain control, the use of an external preamp is recommended. In this case dBr recommends using the dBr WoodWings pedal which can serve as an external preamp for dBr Classical pickups, adding even more quality to your sound.

R$697 (approx. U$130 + shipping tax)

Audio from a test done with a dBr Classical pickup installed on a Takamine model G-116 guitar. Recording made without equalization/effects, with the instrument connected to an M-Audio Fast Track Pro audio interface.

dBr Test - dBr Artist
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