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dBr WoodWings System

1) Combines two pickup sources (transducers + microphone)


2) High performance preamp


3) Resistant to electromagnetic interference


4) Can be used with 9V battery or 9V power supply


5) Does not change the acoustic sound of the instrument, as the external preamp prevents cuts in the instrument

6) It's compatible with guitars of 6, 7 or 8 strings



More information:


The dBr Woodwings System is a pick-up system that combines high fidelity contact sensors, internal condenser microphone and a external two-channel preamp with equalizer.


In its version for steel strings the system accompanies dBr Steel transducers and in its nylon version dBr Classical transducers.


Although the Woodwings system has two pickup sources (microphone + transducers), both signals are transmitted to the external preamp via a single stereo cable that comes with the equipment. The pedal allows you to dose the volumes of the microphone and the transducers individually.


The microphone signals and transducers have different outputs and can also be mixed in a single output using the "STER / MIX" switch. When the switch is set to "MIX" the output referring to the transducers becomes a mono mix of both signals. By positioning it in "STER" the woodwings will enter in stereo mode and each signal will have its own output.

foto woodwings2.png

To further improve the performance of dBr pickups, we designed the WoodWings system. The frequency bands in which its equalizer acts have been carefully chosen for the purpose of always promoting naturalness to the sound of the instrument. The equalizer does not work on the microphone.


The switch "PHASE" acts only on the microphone and has dual function: Avoid feedback and promote phase adjustment between the microphone and the transducers. The pedal also has a NOTCH filter function, which helps to control stage feedback. The dBr Woodwings notch covers frequencies from 20 to 500Hz, helping mainly to cut low frequency feedback. The Notch cutting bandwidth is very narrow (quality factor or "Q" equal to 2) providing surgical cuts thus preserving the natural sound of the pickup.

Recently two new functions were added to the pedal. One of them is the mid-cut adjustment with frequency selection ranging from 500 to 2.7kHz. Then the pedal's center knob (MID) will change the selected frequency. This possibility gives even more versatility to dBr Woodwings. Additionally, a Low Cut has been added, which selects cuts below 20Hz or below 100Hz. This new function also assists in controlling stage feedback as well as the Notch function.


Having its size strategically reduced, the WoodWings

preamplifier can be carried inside a bag or a hardcase without problems.

The system can be used with 9V batteries or power supply. When used with battery, the system has an average autonomy of 50 uninterrupted hours.


Designed using state-of-the-art technology, Woodwings is manufactured with automotive-grade components, promoting more durability and reliability for the circuit.


Constructed of aluminum with the laser finish, the equipment presents a luxurious design and at the same time robust, with an excellent performance in the protection of electromagnetic interferences.




1) Sensor Installation Manual

2) Microphone Installation Manual

3) Woodwings Preamplifier User's Manual

4) Contact Sensors

5) Condenser Microphone

6) Pre-amplifier Dual channel with equalizer

7) Stereo cable



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